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Young Lilies CIC - a DWP accredited service provider

Hired Young People Programme

Young Lilies Community Interest Company was set up in 2014 by NHS nurse, therapist and life coach Liu Yang to provide a free online coaching service for young people aged between 18 and 25.

As a fellow at the Royal Society for Public Health, Liu is passionate about improving people’s mental wellbeing.  Lack of work is evidently detrimental to health and well-being. Looking for work and filling out endless job applications can be lonely and soul-destroying.  People who are unemployed consult their GPs more often than the general population.  Liu sees that there is a broader need in society for Young Lilies CIC to deliver its coaching service to wider groups that are commissioned by DWP district managers. 

However, if you are an individual under the age of 25 and Hired is not offered in your area/ DWP job centres, you can contact us directly to receive your own 1-2-1 Hired Young People Programme.  Young Lilies’ aim is to transform the lives by empowering people to understand how the mind works to unleash the innate potential to want to achieve and Move Towards Work. Hired covers subjects

  • On motivation – why we do the things that we do? What motivates us? What is the map of our world?
  • On influence – what shapes our future? What limits us from achieving what we want?
  • On maximisation – what enables people to tap into their potential? What are the possibilities of personal power?
  • On health – What is the essence of good health in terms of what we eat, think, feel and do?
  • Practical skills including work ethics, communication skills and setup a job fair for claimants to practice their interpersonal skills.

Please feel free to get in touch by writing to info@Young-Lilies.org.uk or calling 07968 302 757

Young Lilies Values
  • Acceptance - We believe that all behaviours are serving our mental, physical or spiritual needs. All intentions behind the behaviour are good even though the end results may not always be.​
  • Unconditional love – We believe that change happens in a moment when people realise the underlying why they do what they do either for the love of themselves and for others.  They learn and understand their potential and truly believe that they have a choice and can choose to serve their need for love in a more constructive, productive, beneficial way.
  • Nurture – We are here like mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters to appreciate our differences, to tolerate our mistakes, to be flexible and to be kind to each other and to be free to speak and discuss that kind of work environment like how it would be in a nurturing home.
  • Encouragement - We believe that everyone is creative and has a creative power and what they can create is limitless once they know they have choices. We are here to support them, guide them, facilitate them to reach their goals.
  • Growth- We help people develop while we are developing ourselves as an organisation
  • Service-We help people to achieve what they desire, we are result focused, customer satisfaction guaranteed.


Word of Thought


Rather than being moved and played by others like a pawn


Play the game




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