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Young Lilies Testimonials
“Thought the website was brilliant.  Liked that you can click on each area separately.  Also thought it was user friendly and brightly coloured to attract young people.  Em from Weybridge  November 2014”
"Young Lilies Life Coach service has changed my way of thinking. It has given me positive outlook for my life. It helps me be able to reach my goals more successfully.  Serena from Kingston   April 2015"
“Ur an amazing person, ur really fun, and ur kind, ur sweet.  Kel from Kingston   June 2015”
 “Your word and advice inspired me and as a result I’ve changed how I think and am a much more positive person. Tam from Walton on Thames   July 2015”
"Comfortable, good listener, guided and understood me and my goals, helped me realise ways to  approach my fears and broke them down in a good and usable list.   Daniela from London   August 2015"
"Empowering energy!   Alex from London   August 2015"
“I feel much much better now.  The work was really what I needed. It made me think my goals and options.  Manu from Kingston    August 2015” 
“Being encouraged to think much deeper about the thoughts and beliefs you have.      Patrick from London January 2016”
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